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Rental boats offer wonderful, relaxing holidays on the extensive network of waterways throughout France and beyond.


LE BOAT are part of Travelopia and are the largest rental boat operator in Europe, with extensive resources ensuring regular upgrading and replacing of their boats.  They offer a wide selection of cruiser style boats with flying bridges and sundecks and have lots of well positioned bases with one way cruise options.

  • Our favourite boats have ensuite bathrooms, easy access from inside to the bow and stern, and a flying bridge where everyone can join the ‘pilot’ and enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors.  The Royal Mystique has to be top of the range with the luxury of two spacious cabins.  It is closely followed by the 3 cabin Mystique.   The smaller, 3 cabin Royal Classique is also an excellent boat and the Clipper is perfect for two couples.    We also like the Continentale and Crusader with their generous flying bridges, and for couples the Cirrus works well. 
  • Our favourite routes are one way cruises along the canals of Burgundy and Alsace, followed by Aquitaine and Brittany, but every waterway has its charm, and rivers such as the beautiful Charente offer excellent out and back cruises; preferably for ten days or more.

Le Boat Burgundy June 2014

  • In Burgundy, the Nivernais one way route between Migennes and Tannay is one of the best. It offers a variety of landscape and waterways, incorporating the Burgundy Canal, Yonne River and Nivernais Canal, plus pretty villages, the magnificence of Auxerre, good food and the Auxerrois vineyards.  It requires 27 hours cruising, so fits nicely within our recommended average cruising of 4 hours per day.
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Lutzelbourg, Lorraine, France

  • In Alsace the bases at Boofzheim (south of Strasbourg) and Hesse (south of Sarrebourg) offer a near-perfect one way cruise,  from the river plain of the Rhine Valley through rolling countryside to the pine-clad slopes of the Vosges Mountains. Beautifully complimented by picture-postcard villages, great food & wine and the adventure of the Arzviller boat lift and two tunnels.
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LB Aquitaine-Nerac-1

  • In the Aquitaine region, Le Boat offer a delightful cruise between Le Mas d’Agenais (near Marmande) and Castelsarrasin (near Montauban), on a canal with relatively few boats, no commercial barges and only 2 hotel barges. It requires 28 hours cruising, so is manageable in a week, but better for a 10 day cruise to allow for a side trip up the beautiful Baise River. Features include two aqueducts crossing over rivers, Moissac’s abbey and world-famous cloisters, the glassmakers of Vianne and the glorious cuisine of south-west France.
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LB Brittany -Josselin

  • Brittany has both river and canal cruises and our favourite route is from Messac to Dinan, passing through Rennes and over the summit of the canal at Hede.  It combines river and canal and has relatively few boats and no commercial vessels at all.  It requires 31 hours cruising, so needs 10 days for a relaxed holiday with time to explore all the on-shore possibilities.  
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LB Charente-Francesca

  • The Charente River is easy to navigate between Saint Savinien and Angouleme and Le Boat’s base at Jarnac is right in the middle.  Described by Francois 1er as ”the most beautiful stream in the Kingdom”, the Charente boasts the wonderful Roman town of Saintes, the ancient abbey in Bassac, a chocolaterie at Trois Palis, excellent restaurants and peace and quiet.  Add its cognac (and Pineau des Charentes) and you have the perfect get-away holiday destination.
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