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Rental boats offer wonderful, relaxing holidays on the extensive network of waterways throughout France and beyond.  

FA_EC & Linssen mooredFRANCE AFLOAT is a small owner-operator with boats in the Burgundy and Midi regions. They offer the spacious Euroclassic steel-hulled mini-barges and the beautiful Dutch-built, Linssen steel-hulled boats.

  • Our favourite boats have ensuite bathrooms, easy access from inside to the bow and stern, and a flying bridge where everyone can join the ‘pilot’ and enjoy lunch and dinner outdoors.  That applies to all the France Afloat boats, but the beautiful Linssen steel hulled boats stand out as our favourites and the Grand Sturdy 34.9 with two cabins and two bathrooms is the perfect boat for two couples.  For larger parties of 6-8, their unique Euroclassic steel-hulled mini barges are hard to beat.  They are spacious, heavy and slow, ensuring a relaxed, leisurely holiday.
  • Our favourite routes are their one way cruises in Burgundy and the Midi.


  • The Burgundy bases at Vermenton and Tonnerre offer a one way cruise incorporating the Nivernais Canal, the Yonne River and the Burgundy Canal.  Together they make a lovely varied waterway with quaint villages, the magnificence of Auxerre, good food and the Auxerrois and Epineuil vineyards.  This route requires 27 hours cruising, so fits nicely within our recommended average cruising of 4 hours per day.
  • Contact us for a brochure & more information. 


  • In the Midi, France Afloat have an easy one way, one week cruise between Capestang and Castelnaudary, which includes the world famous medieval city at Carcassonne, plus a host of charming villages, wine cellars and Roman bridges. Another bonus is the long summer that usually extends well into October.
  • Contact us for a brochure & more information.

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