Barging – Holland/Venice

Holland & Venice may be very different in language and culture, but they are linked by water – in that much of their land is the result of drainage and reclamation and consequently they are both magnificent boating destinations.

Holland is famous for its Delft pottery, Gouda cheese, windmills, and artists such as Rembrandt, but above all, it was the tulip that, in the 17th century, made it famous and wealthy.  Spring is when the tulip fields become a riot of colour and the PANACHE cruises between Alkmaar and Delft.  The itinerary includes all of the above, plus the wonderful Keukenhof Gardens and the Aalsmeer flower auction.
Venice is wonderful to experience by barge, as you’re surrounded by life on the water –  little fizz boats, lumbering barges carrying heavy machinery, collecting garbage or delivering groceries, the sleek, highly polished water taxis, and, on a sunny Sunday, dozens of family runabouts out for a jaunt.  A cruise from Venice to Mantua offers an insight into the culture, history, art and architecture of the region, plus the wildlife of the Po delta and the serene Po Valley.

The Barges

  • Panache is a 38m barge with a crew of six, accommodating 12 guests in 6 cabins with generous bathrooms.  It starts the season in Holland, in April, with 5 glorious Tulip Cruises that include transfers from Amsterdam.  The all-inclusive 6 night cruise is priced from 4350 Euros per person.    Next, the Panache heads south for its transit cruises into Belgium and on to Paris.   Holland to Belgium is a one-off cruise in May from Delft to Courtrai, via the famous windmills of Kinderdijk, Antwerp (the city of Rubens) and Ghent with an excursion to Ypres.    Belgium to Paris is a unique 13 night cruise from Courtrai to Bethencourt-sur-Somme and Paris, featuring the World War One battlefields of Belgium and Picardy (Ypres, Fromells, Arras, Somme, Villers-Bretonneux, Bellicourt, Compiegne).  The cruise finishes on a lighter note with visits to Vincent Van Gogh’s home in Auvers-sur-Oise and Claude Monet’s in Giverny, plus an evening dinner cruise into the ‘City of Lights’ past the Eiffel Tower and other floodlit monuments.    This all-inclusive 13 night cruise is offered in May.    Contact us for a brochure & more information.  View a video HERE. 
  • La Bella Vita is a 42.5m barge with a large roof-top sun-deck and a crew of 6-8, accommodating 20 guests in 8 comfortable cabins and 2 upper deck suites.  It cruises between Venice and Mantua, crossing the lagoon to Chioggia, then into the Po Delta, a birdwatcher’s paradise, before joining the Canal Bianca up the Po Valley.  Highlights include a walking tour of Venice, dinner ashore at the 17th century Villa Ca’Zen, the Renaissance gardens and wines of Villa Widmann Borletti, Ferrara for its 14th century castle, Schifanoia Palace and cathedral and the Ducal Palace in Mantua.  Transfers to Venice are included and the all-inclusive 6 night cruise is priced from 3290 euros per person.   Contact us for a brochure & more information, or view a video HERE.

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