Covid19 – pushing the pause button on travel

A few weeks ago, we were getting ready to update our website, but the global pandemic has made that rather pointless for now.  The EU countries have closed their borders to non-EU citizens, and the French government is telling its people to stay home.  The Louvre is closed, as are many other museums, and restaurants, theatres, etc.  Most canals are closed across the country now though rental boat companies are hoping that they will be open again in June.  So are we, but nobody knows at the moment – and nobody knows when they’ll know!  

As soon as we have positive information from the providers we work with in France, we’ll put it up on the website.  

In the meantime, take care and stay well –

Barbara & Robert  

and some information about cycling, from Robert  – from March 19 –

An update as I am sure you are concerned about the situation in Europe and around the world.  The virus is even in Dunedin and last night the restaurant we visited was virtually empty!   The situation is certainly getting worse, but if Europe follows the pattern in China, then travel should be possible by August ……
Catherine of Active Tours, and everyone in Burgundy, is currently at home in self-isolation for two weeks and she is inundated with cancellations and postponements.    The cancellation conditions as shown on the booking form still stand – NZ$150 booking fee for cancellation more than 70 days in advance – but she is happy to carry over the deposits to bookings later this year or next without the amendment fee.
My advice is to wait and see how things develop.   By May everything should be clearer and a decision should be easier.
Best wishes and keep washing the hands.

Robert Buchanan & Barbara Keen 
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